Yelba and Latin Fire

Chili Pepper Festival  

Paul Rogalski

An Authentic Culinary Journey

Air-Inclusive Rates from $1700/person

Participant in Top Chef Mexico and several TV Shows.
Jose Miguel blends the traditions of Mexican cuisine with an international flavor.

Chef José Miguel Garcia will make you fall in love with a traditional Mexican meal: Tortas. A master in the art of this cuisine, he will indulge you with the flavors of true Mexico together with a limited edition of his special beer prepared for the Chili Festival. Join us for this pool party with the spiciest of entertainment from Yelba.

His career is a journey that always returns with fondness to the authenticity of Oaxaca. It’s traditions, flavors and chiles are the inspiration to Rodolfo’s cuisine.

Team up and cook side by side with celebrity Chef Castellanos – learn – do – enjoy. This cookout puts each participant in the limelight. Course by course you will be instructed and then have a chance to create and serve your culinary masterpiece to your table. Not ready to cook? Of course there is always the option to just sit back and savor the spicy cuisine.

Begin this journey with a welcome party that will set you on fire with the spirit of the chili! Get your chili on with gourmet bites to light up your palate, live music that is hot-hot-hot from the spicy Yelba and a gathering of the world’s foremost chili experts and passionate chili aficionados.

In the chili fields with expert Ricardo Muñoz. The sunshine of the Maya and the El Dorado Royale green program create a broad spectrum of flavor. The expert educational tour will give you insights to take your chili growing to the next level followed by book signing.

Ricardo Muñoz Zurrita

Day 4: Hot & Chili!

Day 3: Into the Kitchen

Food and wine are the main performers in this delectable experience. Our guest chefs will excite and entertain with culinary tricks as your meal is prepared in front of you.

“Prophet and preserver of a culinary tradition”.
Time magazines definition of Ricardo.

He is considered one of the 24 Top Chefs in Latin America and one of the seven most important chefs in Mexico. Author of well-known books about Chilis.

Jose Miguel García

Day 2: Pick Your Chilis!

Calgary born, Paul Rogalski is renowned for his passion for exceptional cuisine created from homegrown and sustainable food. The New York Times claimed Paul’s tasting menu as one of the highlights of Calgary’s dining scene, finalist in The Canadian Culinary Championship and Alberta Venture’s 50 Most Influential People.

Day 5: The Chili Feast

Step back in time as you descend the carved stone steps to our Mayan Chili Market. The dry senote protects the secrets of the Mayan Chili. Learn about the range of flavors that await. Fresh and fruity, to dry and smoky, the entire range of chilis are here in an interactive taste and learning experience.

Meet Your Chili Experts!

Tuesday: Chili Fields

Day 1: Get Your Chili On!

Do you crave spicy?  This is the vacation for you.  We are combining 5 nights at the luxurious El Dorado Royale with a world class gourmet culinary festival.

This is a one kind of event where five prestigious Mexican and worldwide Chefs explore extreme sensations.  You get to discover the spicier side of Mexico in a culinary journey of flavors, spices and heat.

Hosted in the heart of the immaculate Riviera Maya, The Chili Pepper Festival is designed to enlighten your five senses in the most beautiful natural environment.

Rodolfo Castellanos

Oct. 22-28, 2017

Originally from Mexico City, Josefina was exposed to different ways of cooking Mexican cuisine: from street stalls to haute cuisine, home cooking and the typical Mexican sweets made with the most authentic ingredients. 

Friday: Gala Dinner

Musical Entertainment!

Wednesday: Mole & Wine

Thursday: Torta & Beer

Nicaraguan-born Yelba came into this world with a gift for harmonies and a joy for entertaining. She learned to play the guitar by watching her father strumming as he sang Nicaraguan folk tunes to his five children, and by age 9 performed live on TV in Nicaragua featured with her sister on the “Junior Panthers” TV Show.

Her voice has been described as “the voice of an angel,” but within the blink of an eye, Yelba can break out in a steamy Salsa or an outrageously fun Disco tune, sending her listeners wildly dancing and whirling to the exciting sounds of her cast of talented musicians. She will even teach you to dance Salsa!

Yelba presents her shows with a professionalism that’s come from experience as VP of Fortune 500 companies and undergraduate and MBA degrees from Texas A&M and University of Texas. She enjoys fundraisers, some with thousands of attendees: Interfaith of the Woodlands, Houston Arboretum, IGoPink, CASA, John Cooper School, Cy-Woodlands Jr. Forum.

Tuesday: Mayan Chili Market

Monday: Welcome Party

Josefina Santacruz