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Merida Yucatan: History, Culinary Delights, and Boutique Hotels

Updated: Feb 12

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Welcome to Merida, a city located in the Yucatan Peninsula where time seems to stand still, and history whispers through its colonial streets. As your gateway to this enchanting destination, 2 Getaway Travel invites you to explore the rich tapestry of Merida's history, its architectural treasures, and the culinary wonders that make it a jewel in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Join us as we uncover the enchanting tapestry of Merida, unveiling its rich history, architectural treasures, and culinary wonders.

Things to Do in Merida & Where to Stay:

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1. Tour Merida's Beautiful History

  • Paseo Montejo, the city's longest avenue, is a testament to grandeur and elegance. Lined with Casonas, or mansions, these architectural gems showcase the opulence of the past. Take a leisurely calandria ride—a horse-drawn carriage—along Montejo, and let the stories of the Casonas unfold as you traverse this iconic avenue.

  • Explore the famous casonas and allure of Casa de los Montejo, an emblematic mansion that speaks of wealth and history. Admire Casa del Pinar, Casa Faller, Casas Gemelas, and Casa el Minaret, each with its unique charm, architectural details, and historical significance, offering a glimpse into Merida's aristocratic past.

  • Discover the Monumento a la Patria, an imposing structure that symbolizes the nation's history. This monument, adorned with intricate sculptures and reliefs, stands as a tribute to Mexico's struggle for independence.

  • Immerse yourself in the sacred heritage of Merida by visiting the majestic Cathedral and various churches. Each edifice tells a story of faith, art, and the city's enduring devotion.

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2. Corredor Gastronomico: A Culinary Odyssey

The Corredor Gastronomico beckons food enthusiasts and explorers alike. A vital hub for locals and tourists, this culinary corridor boasts a diverse range of establishments, each a culinary masterpiece. From Homu's Japanese-Mexican fusion to Oliva's Italian delights, the Corredor invites you to savor the flavors of Merida while marveling at its meticulously preserved architecture.

Why is Merida called the "White City"? The answer lies in its limestone-clad facades that shimmer in the Yucatan sun. The architecture, predominantly white, reflects the city's colonial past and showcases its unique charm.

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3. Visit the Mayan World Museum

Embark on a cultural odyssey at the Mayan World Museum, where exhibitions transport you through the ancient Mayan civilization. Dive into thematic expositions and captivating temporary displays that weave the story of this rich culture, inviting guests to embark on an educational journey.

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4. Enjoy Tequila and Mezcal Tastings

For enthusiasts of agave spirits, Merida opens its doors to tequila and mezcal tastings. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Mexico as you attend unique experiences that unravel the secrets behind these iconic beverages.

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5. BiciRuta CAR-FREE SUNDAY IN Merida

Sundays transform Montejo Avenue into a haven for cyclists and families during Biciruta. From 8 am to 12:30 pm, the avenue closes its doors to cars, inviting locals and tourists alike to pedal through history, taking in the architectural splendor of this iconic stretch.

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6. Shop and Dine at Casa Tho

Explore Casa Tho, an architectural monument in the heart of Paseo de Montejo. This 19th-century mansion, considered a heritage site, houses boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, offering a modern experience within the walls of history.

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7. Eat at the Merida Gastronomy Museum

Indulge your taste buds at the Museum of Yucatecan Gastronomy (MUGY), a unique restaurant that celebrates the culinary wealth of Yucatan. Immerse yourself in the flavors and cultural heritage that define Yucatecan cuisine. You can't miss their panuchos, salbutes, cochinita pibili, papadzules, and more.

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8. Catch a Pok Ta Pok Game

Saturdays in Merida come alive with the ancient ball game of Pok ta Pok in front of the cathedral at 8:00 pm. Immerse yourself in this free event, witness the thrilling game, and partake in a cleansing ritual by a Maya priest.

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9. Day Trips to Cenotes

Embark on one of the best cenote experiences at Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché, where the XVII century hacienda unfolds its secrets. Immerse yourself in the allure of two cenotes—one semi-open and another hidden within a cavern, offering a mystical connection with nature and history.


Best Boutique Hotels in Merida Mexico

Stay in the lap of luxury by choosing boutique hotels in the city center. These establishments, often housed in beautifully restored Casonas, offer a unique opportunity to live amidst history and charm. Let the past come alive as you experience Merida from the comfort of these carefully preserved gems.

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1. Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel

Crafted for the distinguished traveler seeking privacy and an authentic experience, Casa Lecanda provides unparalleled service in a serene environment. This boutique hotel preserves the original meaning of a home with meticulous attention to detail, architecture, landscaping, and modern comforts.

Price Range: $$$

Google Rating: 4.7 (188 reviews) 4 Star Hotel

Trip Advisor Rating: 5 (436 reviews)

Good For: Adults Only

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2. Decu Downtown Merida

A luxurious and exclusive paradise within the center of Mérida. With 8 exclusive rooms, Decu Downtown combines the classic style of Mérida's architecture with modern design, ensuring a memorable and personalized experience.

Price Range: $$$

Google Rating: 4.4 (45 reviews) 4 Star Hotel

Trip Advisor Rating: 5 (365reviews)

Breakfast: Continental breakfast included

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3. Rosas y Xocolate Boutique Hotel & Spa

Two exquisite, restored, French-style mansions on Paseo Montejo, designed for memorable experiences. Rosas y Xocolate offers a blend of historic charm and modern luxury, creating a haven in the heart of Mérida.

Price Range: $$$

Google Rating: 4.3 (1,093 reviews)

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5 (468 reviews)

Breakfast Included: Yes

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4. Cigno Hotel

Born from the delicate restoration of a historic building, Hotel Cigno preserves original details while combining them with the latest design trends for utmost comfort. This boutique hotel, with its high ceilings, original floors, and majestic French façade, invites you to experience the perfect fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance.

Price Range: $$

Google Rating: 4.9 (168 reviews) 5 star hotel

Trip Advisor Rating: 5 (37 reviews)

Good For: Adults Only

Breakfast Included: Yes


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