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Luxury apartments in akumal

DESIGNED with new materials that help the ecosystem causing less impact on the environment, one of the great hallmarks is that it will be the greenest development in the area with renewable energy, water circulation, collection and treatment, and solar panels for the common areas.

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11 exclusive units

Pre- sale

Ximbal is located in Akumal Bay Area, in front of the Caribbean ocean.

The design of the smart condos brings more comfortable spaces for better use, each floor will bring a different view.


Rooftop and beach club access.


Lobby: located in the main entrance, with a double height and concierge service that will function as in a hotel.


Wellness center: First and only apartments in Akumal with a wellness center including a gym area.


Rooftop: with a private jacuzzi overlooking Akumal Bay.

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last 2 units available!

3 Bedroom, Mezzanine.

  • 3 Bedroom.

  • 2 Closets.

  • 3 Bathrooms.

  • Living Room.

  • Dinning Room.

  • 2 Terraces.

  • Jacuzzi

  • Laundry Closet.

  • Storage.

  • Rooftop.

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1,820.71 SQFT

$450,000.00 USD

3% Referral comission 

3 Bedroom, Garden  1 apartment.

  • 3 Bedroom.

  • 3 Closets.

  • 3.5 Bathrooms.

  • Living Room.

  • Dinning Room.

  • Terrace.

  • Private Pool

  • Laundry Closet.

  • Storage.

  • Rooftop.

1,851.39 SQFT

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$442,000.00 USD

3% Referral comission 

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