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VIDEO REVIEW: All Inclusive Family Resort Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Well hello! We are here at Hard Rock Riviera Maya and let me tell you this resort has plenty of options of entertainment! So join me because in this video I will show you the top five things to do as a family in Hard Rock Riviera Maya!

First, the lobby is incredible it's like a walking museum filled with real memorabilia from famous artists. After checking in they give you a bracelet that works as a key to your room. This is fantastic because you won't have to worry about losing your key.

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The rooms are fantastic even though this is not a new resort their rooms are very comfortable they include a coffee and tea station a complete bathroom and they all have a nice terrace balcony.

We stayed in a room with Sky Terrace which is perfect when you're traveling with your family or friends it's a private place to hang out and order room service. Which by the way is really really good and has a lot of menu options. We had a delicious breakfast with a fruit waffles, a Mexican burrito, French toast and we enjoyed a beautiful morning there.

Now let's dive into the top five things you can't miss at Hard Rock Riviera Maya!

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The number five is the beach! The beach which is absolutely stunning is just a quick trip. Make sure you bring biodegradable sunscreen to help protect the beautiful Rivier Maya beaches. The beach is located in a bay area which means the waves are very calm like a giant pool and it's perfect for relaxing and letting the kids play in the sand.

By the way let me introduce myself and my family. It's me, my husband, and baby number one.. oh and baby number two is on the way.

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The number four are the specialty dinners. You absolutely must try the specialty dinners. Make your reservations as soon as you arrive. The steakhouse offers delicious food in a beautiful setting with ocean view and the service is phenomenal. I also recommend the Tanaki Restaurant. The food is excellent and the show is top notch! We had a wonderful time.

The resort is packed with entertainment options. In the lobby you will find Escapology, an escape room with three different levels. Though it's an extra cost there is also a theater with great shows and an open bar and that bring us to our number three.

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The Vibe City. Don't miss the Vibe City! It is fantastic for families of all ages. Hard Rock is opening a new kids club and a trampoline park very very soon. Currently, they have a bowling center with an open bar, food and lanes for both kids and adults. This activity also comes with an extra costs. The one thing that really impressed me was the laser tag it is super cool and worth it if you're traveling with kids or with your friends. It is not included but it's a great experience.

The Vibe City also has a game area. The game area is another highlight. It has all kinds of games and consoles and they even host international gaming tournaments. It's a lot of fun.

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The number two for us are the pool areas. The pool areas are fantastic there is a big pool for toddlers, jacuzzis, and a huge pool area with various food options. Hard Rock offers daily entertainment in the activity pool so there is always something fun going on.

But the number one for us was water park! Our absolute favorite was the water park. It has something for everyone. My toddler loved the Splash Park area and the water slides. There is also a section for younger kids and an adrenaline area for teenagers. It's a blast for the whole family.

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I hope this gives you a great overview of what to expect at Hard Rock Rivera Maya. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe to 2 Getaway Travel for more travel tips and experiences.

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Happy travels stay tuned we are coming up very soon with a new video about the top five things to do as an adult in High Rock Riviera Maya.



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