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8 Best Luxury Wedding Venues in Riviera Maya

Updated: Mar 21

Welcome to I Do by 2 Getaway Travel, your passport to an unforgettable destination wedding in Mexico and Caribbeans. Book your destination wedding with us!

In the heart of Mexico's Riviera Maya, where the Caribbean Sea meets ancient jungles, romance takes center stage. For those seeking the luxury wedding venues, the Riviera Maya unveils a tapestry of breathtaking venues. Join us on a journey through the most exquisite resorts, each promising an unparalleled celebration amidst tropical opulence.


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1. Viceroy Riviera Maya, a Luxury Villa Resort:

Resort Overview: Nestled within the embrace of Riviera Maya's tropical paradise, the Viceroy is more than a luxury villa resort; it's a sanctuary for love. With 41 standalone villas, each adorned with a private patio and plunge pool, this boutique haven beckons couples to celebrate their union in an intimate setting. As the sun paints the sky in vibrant hues, exchange vows on the untamed beach, a canvas for the creation of lifelong memories.

Wedding Description: Your love story deserves a backdrop as timeless as the tides. The untamed beach at Viceroy Riviera Maya becomes the stage for a celebration of a lifetime. Here, amidst the rhythmic whispers of the sea, embark on a journey of union as vibrant and enduring as the colors of Riviera Maya itself.

Wedding Inclusions:

  • Free Wedding Package: No

  • Free Nights for Honeymoon: Yes

  • Free Wedding Coordinator: Yes

  • Package Customization: Yes

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2. Palafitos Overwater Bungalows

Resort Overview: Palafitos is a poetic expression of love, offering exquisitely designed overwater suites where infinite ocean views and intimate accommodations become the canvas for your romance. Each Elite Overwater Bungalow is a sanctuary of luxury, a private haven elevated above the turquoise embrace of the ocean.

Wedding Description: This is where beauty and magic intertwine. Palafitos becomes the stage for your most treasured memory, where the ocean whispers tales of love, and the gentle breeze carries the promise of forever. Your love story unfolds in a setting that transcends the ordinary.

Wedding Inclusions:

  • Free Wedding Package: No

  • Free Nights for Honeymoon: Yes

  • Wedding Coordinator: Yes

  • Package Customization: Yes

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3. Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Resort Overview: Grand Velas Riviera Maya, where the azure Caribbean Sea meets the lush Yucatán jungle, is a symphony of luxury and nature's grandeur. This enchanting sanctuary invites couples into a world of opulence, where private terraces, plunge pools, and sea views elevate romance to new heights.

Wedding Description: Among the majestic beauty of white sand beaches, tropical gardens, and elegantly appointed salons, Grand Velas Riviera Maya sets the stage for an ethereal union. As the sea whispers tales of timeless love, your ceremony becomes a dance with the elements, promising an unforgettable celebration.

Wedding Inclusions:

  • Free Wedding Package: No

  • Free Nights for Honeymoon: Depends on Room Contract

  • Wedding Coordinator: Yes

  • Package Customization: Yes

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4. Nizuc Cancun:

Resort Overview: NIZUC Cancun transcends the ordinary, creating a world where luxury meets the ethereal. From intimate ceremonies beside crystal blue waters to grand celebrations bursting with extravagance, NIZUC is the canvas upon which dreams are painted in hues of opulence.

Wedding Description: Every nuance of your love story finds expression at NIZUC. Beside the azure waters, where the sky meets the sea, the resort weaves unparalleled luxury into your celebration. Your wedding becomes a personalized masterpiece, a reflection of your unique journey.

Wedding Inclusions:

  • Personalized Wedding Packages

  • Complimentary packages not offered

  • Dedicated wedding planners for a tailored experience

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5. Secrets Moxché:

Resort Overview: Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen, a haven of AAA Five Diamond luxury, beckons couples into a world where exquisite taste and exotic views intertwine. Just a 10-minute drive from Playa del Carmen's famed Quinta Avenida, this resort offers a contemporary experience with an earthy feel.

Wedding Description: Amidst the expansive suites, the pristine strip of white sandy beach, and the seven heated pools, Secrets Moxché becomes the perfect luxury resort to celebrate your special day. With breathtaking views of the Caribbean, your destination wedding backdrop is designed to perfection.

Wedding Inclusions:

  • Free Wedding Package: Yes

  • Free Nights for Honeymoon: Depending on the Package

  • Wedding Coordinator: Yes

  • Package Customization: Yes


In the heart of the Riviera Maya, these luxurious resorts are not just destinations—they are expressions of romance and elegance, where vows are exchanged against the backdrop of nature's grandeur. I Do by 2 Getaway Travel, your trusted travel agency for destination weddings, invites you to embark on this journey of love. Let us weave your dreams into the fabric of these enchanting settings, creating a destination wedding that transcends the ordinary and becomes a timeless celebration of your love.

From choosing the ideal resort to organizing seamless transportation, we take care of it all, allowing you to focus on creating cherished moments that will last a lifetime. Your dream wedding starts with a conversation, and with I Do by 2 Getaway Travel, every detail becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of your love story.

Don't know where to start?

At I Do 2 Getaway Travel, we're here to turn your dreams into a reality. We can help you plan your destination wedding or your next vacation with ease from transportation, hotels, events and excursions. Leave the worry at home and come travel with us. Contact us today to get started!


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