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Firsthand Experience: The Mayan Train Route

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Embark on a captivating journey with Glenda from 2 Getaway Travel as she shares her firsthand experience aboard the Mayan Train route from Playa del Carmen to Cancun. Explore Mexico's newest train and modern comforts.

Mayan Train Facilities, Staff and Information

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  1. The facilities are spacious, airy, and clean. There are enough benches and chairs to sit on once departure is announced, but more would be needed beforehand, especially considering the number of elderly tourists that can be seen.

2. The staff is well-informed, but mostly about the station where you board the train. I think they could extend that information to the entire route.

3. There is a lot of printed information visible that could be complemented by the staff working there.

Mayan Train Route from Playa del Carmen to Cancun

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4. The journey was smooth from Playa del Carmen to Cancun. The train makes a stop in Puerto Morelos to drop off and pick up passengers.

5. It takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen to Cancun.

6. You can make the round trip from Playa at once. It takes about 15 minutes between queuing and buying a ticket – if you didn't buy a round-trip ticket.

Mayan Train Ticket Prices

7. The price is quite affordable for tourists.

mayan train ticket price

How to Get to the Train

8.To get to the station, you can take a taxi – quite expensive – or take an ADO transport in downtown Playa del Carmen. The cost is 55 Mexican Pesos per person, and it takes about 15 minutes, At the train station, there is a stand where you can get tickets to return to the ADO Bus Station, Playa del Carmen.

9. To reach the platform, you take escalators, which in a way makes the service easier for people with disabilities.

Inside the Train

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10. The wagons are comfortable, and the staff is very attentive.

Snacks and Meals

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11. In the Playa del Carmen – Puerto Morelos – Cancun route, meals are not included because of the shortness of the trip.

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12. Snacks can be purchased by cash, credit, or debit cards. Credit/debit card purchases will be charged near the closest station.


Glenda's Recommendations:

As a tourist, without knowing other alternatives, I would recommend the ride, especially for family groups. For those of us who live in the area and are familiar with ADO and express services, it is not as convenient.

Personally, it was a new experience, but perhaps I had too many expectations, and although I enjoyed it, I wouldn't repeat it. I think that's largely because I was alone and the only thing you have as a view is the train tracks and terrain.

There is no entertainment inside the wagons – no music, TV, etc. – I don't know if anything changes on longer routes. There isn't much information you can get from the employees unless it's from their work station. Something important that I forgot to mention is the security. The journey feels very safe because there is private security on the train and local police outside and inside the wagons.


Mayan Train Route

mayan train route


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