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Our Guide to Enchanting Riviera Maya Wedding Venues

Updated: Jun 24

Welcome to I Do by 2 Getaway Travel, your destination wedding experts for Mexico and the Caribbeans.

A destination wedding nestled within the captivating allure of Riviera Maya is a dream brimming with endless possibilities. Riviera Maya isn’t just a wedding destination; it’s a canvas of picturesque beauty that paints the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration.

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One of the most intriguing aspects of tying the knot in a Riviera Maya resort is the remarkable opportunity to blend an elegant ceremony with a cost-effective celebration. These resorts offer affordable wedding packages, some of which are even complimentary, turning your dream wedding into a feasible reality. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, these packages cater to varied preferences, ensuring that every couple's special day is a unique reflection of their love story.

Imagine a three-day affair not just confined to the wedding day itself, but a mosaic of pre and post-wedding events, complete with indulgent excursions. The celebration extends beyond the vows, enveloping your loved ones in a journey of joy and jubilation. Pre-wedding soirées, like a sunset beach gathering or a themed welcome dinner, set the tone for the festivities. Post-wedding brunches or adventurous excursions to ancient Mayan ruins or the vibrant streets of nearby towns offer an experience that goes beyond the traditional ceremony.

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Let's delve into some of the most captivating wedding venues that these Riviera Maya resorts offer.

1. El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas Royale:

Nestled along the stunning Riviera Maya coastline, El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas Royale stand as the epitome of romantic sophistication. These sister resorts offer a selection of exquisite wedding venues. With its breathtaking beachfront gazebos and tranquil garden settings, El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas Royale provide an idyllic backdrop for intimate and elegant ceremonies. Whether it's the serene lull of the ocean waves or the lush tropical gardens, these venues create a picturesque setting for couples seeking a romantic, intimate exchange of vows.

2. El Dorado Maroma and Palafitos:

El Dorado Maroma and Palafitos present a unique, enchanting allure for couples dreaming of an idyllic, beachfront ceremony. With overwater bungalows and beachfront venues, these resorts offer an ethereal and intimate experience for couples seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty and romance. The Palafitos overwater bungalows add an extra touch of luxury, making it an exceptional choice for couples looking for a romantic and exclusive setting to tie the knot.

3. El Dorado Seaside Suites and Seaside Palms

For those captivated by the charm of modern luxury fused with natural allure, El Dorado Seaside Suites, and Seaside Palms offer a splendid array of venues designed for romance. Whether exchanging vows on the beach or amid beautifully landscaped gardens, these resorts promise an ambiance of serenity and intimacy. The combination of modern amenities and natural beauty creates an ideal canvas for couples seeking a captivating and elegant setting for their special day.

4. Generations Riviera Maya

Generations Riviera Maya stands out as a family-friendly gem. With its shared privileges with the adjacent adults-only resorts, El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas, this resort offers a unique advantage for couples seeking a wedding venue that caters to both family and adult preferences. The shared privileges enable couples and their guests to enjoy the family-friendly amenities at Generations while also indulging in the luxury and sophistication of the adult-centric experience next door. This exceptional feature makes Generations Riviera Maya an ideal choice for couples desiring a wedding destination that seamlessly accommodates the preferences of both families and adults. The convenience of shared privileges allows guests to celebrate the wedding in the resort of their choice, ensuring an inclusive and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

5. Secrets Moxche

Secrets Moxche beckons to couples seeking exclusivity and sophistication for their wedding day. This resort exudes luxury and refinement, offering elegant and chic wedding venues that ensure a memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. The venue choices at Secrets Moxche are designed to create a luxurious ambiance, perfect for couples desiring an opulent celebration set against the backdrop of the stunning Riviera Maya.

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6. Secrets Maroma

Secrets Maroma sets the stage for an enchanting wedding experience in an intimate and exclusive setting. This resort offers a selection of elegant venues, each with its own unique charm. With its picturesque beachfront locations and lush tropical gardens, Secrets Maroma ensures that couples have a captivating backdrop for their special day. The blend of luxury, natural beauty, and attentive service creates a dream-like atmosphere for a memorable celebration.

7. Secrets Akumal

Nestled along the white sandy beaches of Akumal, Secrets Akumal offers an alluring destination for couples seeking a touch of sophistication and seclusion for their wedding. The resort presents an array of elegant wedding venues against the stunning backdrop of the Riviera Maya. From beachfront ceremonies to picturesque garden settings, Secrets Akumal promises a luxurious and romantic ambiance, making it an ideal choice for couples envisioning an exquisite celebration in paradise.

8. Grand Palladium and TRS Costa Mujeres

Grand Palladium and TRS Costa Mujeres merge opulence with comfort, offering an array of stunning wedding venues designed for grand celebrations. These resorts boast grandeur, presenting a perfect fusion of luxury and elegance against the picturesque backdrop of the Riviera Maya. With their spacious and stylish venues, both Grand Palladium and TRS Costa Mujeres provide an ideal canvas for couples to create and celebrate their love in a lavish setting surrounded by the beauty of Mexico's coastline.

Your invitation to Forever

As the sun sets on this vivid tapestry of Riviera Maya's enchanting wedding venues, one thing remains clear: a destination wedding in Mexico is not just a ceremony; it's an opportunity to celebrate love, embark on a memorable travel adventure, and revel in the company of cherished friends and family. The idyllic settings of these top resorts offer an exquisite backdrop for your love story to unfold. If you're ready to turn your dream wedding into a breathtaking reality, reach out to I Do by 2 Getaway. Let the expertise of our team guide you on this journey. Contact us today and start planning your extraordinary celebration, where love meets the shores of Mexico's paradise.

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