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11 Helpful Hints for Traveling to Jamaica

Updated: Jan 12

You’ve seen photos, videos, read articles and even dream about your first vacation to Jamaica and finally decided to book your trip. But now what? Whether you’re a first time traveling to Jamaica or practically a neighbor, we’d like to share some helpful Jamaica travel tips to keep in mind when visiting the land of reggae, blue mountain coffee, rum and jerk chicken. Check it out:

1. Try a Jamaican beef patty and an ice cold Red Stripe beer

Patties are also available in chicken, shrimp and vegetable. And it’s very refreshing with Red Stripe beer, a distinct lager and Jamaica’s national brew.

2. Also try Jerk chicken, a Jamaican foodie staple

You can opt for the mild jerk sauce or if you’re feeling brave, try the authentic Jamaican spicy jerk chicken. Either way, there’s lots of great Jamaican cuisine to try!

3. Know that apart from its dreamy beaches, Jamaica is the land of waterfalls

These are a must when visiting. This is one of the reasons why we love Jamaica. You can choose the country’s crown jewel, Dunn’s River Falls or check out YS Falls or Blue Hole for example.

4. Know how much money to bring

It’s always handy to keep small bills for tipping and small purchases instead of carrying large amounts of cash. Also, know that the US dollar is widely accepted across the island so there’s no need to convert your currency.

5. Travel outside your resort to see a bit of the real Jamaica, it’s a must

Upon your arrival to the resort, you can visit your Amstar rep — a local expert who will provide you with some great insider information for your days out of the resort. After all, there are plenty of water activities in Montego Bay and other resort destinations on the island.

There are also many great activities for a family vacation in Montego Bay. Additionally, make sure to check out the private excursions just for you and your group during your Jamaica vacation.

6. Learn some of the Jamaican language for your trip

Check out these key Patois phrases of this unique and vital element of Jamaican national identity.

7. Differentiate between the locals’ names for fruits and vegetables

“Apples” in Jamaica are often used to refer to the delicious otaheite apples (which look nothing like an apple as you know it) and avocados are referred to as “pears.”

8. Look for the friendly face at the airport

For your Montego Bay Airport arrival transfers, your Amstar DMC rep is located at Desk #10 inside the arrivals lobby at airport. Do not be intrigued by local taxi operators or time share offers. Also, know that you can arrive in style at the Club Mobay VIP arrival lounge.

9. Keep up with Jamaica’s weather

Jamaica is a tropical, humid destination. Bring light clothing and drink lots of fluid to prevent dehydration. It is safe to drink the water.

10. Protect your skin

Always use plenty of biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent is also highly recommended. We cannot overstate the importance of this item on the Jamaica travel tips list.

11. Feel right at home

Above all, know that the Jamaican people are welcoming and warm, and their friendly nature is genuine. They will make sure you feel at home during your time on their beloved island.

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