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This page was created so that you, a professional travel advisor, can offer our events to your clients.  It is a seamless safe way to protect your client while giving them access to the memorable experiences that we create at different resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.

Let us to explain the Who, What, Where, Why and How's of this concept.

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Who is this for?

Any and every client that would like a memorable experience without the hassle of having to design it themselves.  Your client check-in will be performed by the resort staff and all information at the resort will be handled by the resort staff.

What is this?

A customized memorable event package that includes unique entertainment to enhance your clients experience.  

Where is this?

Four and Five Star partnership resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Why create this?

  • It's more important today than ever before that travel professionals band together, and get creative in order to compete with OTA's and consumer direct.

  • It's all about Experiences!  In this day and time people do not just want to get away, they want an experience.  

  • When travel professionals combine ROLO Events with Vacation packages, booked through preferred tour operators, it will allow them to promote and sell unique packages that cannot be replicated by OTA's.  No more price matching!

  • ROLO Events will give your clients a specialized travel experience without you having to spend time creating it.  

  • A new revenue stream for travel professionals.  $$$

How to reserve?

Build the land and/or air inclusive package with your preferred tour operator as usual.  Simply add the ROLO event package to the total cost.  Pay the NET or the Gross, you decide. 


***All events are non-refundable

***Earn 20% commission.  Commissions will be paid within 30 days of purchase for Gross event packages.


3 Step Booking Process

Step 1

Sign-up you or your agency.  

Step 2

Promote the Getaway

Step 3

Book your clients

Current Events Available

Business Breakout_banner.png

El Dorado Royale

October 7-11/2021

(click on image for trip details)

NET RATE - $300 pp + 5% service fee = $310.00 pp

GROSS RATE - $400 pp + 5% service fee = 420..00 pp

Commission - $100 pp on GROSS paid packages

Package inclusions: all event access to a (3) day business planning workshop + access to proprietary business planning software

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